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Kitchen Remodeling has been our passion & profession for many years, we love everything about it. We love those who want to have an elegant kitchen in their homes or businesses because they understand the value in having one, they know how it can affect the total market value of the property in the best way. They think outside the box and that’s only one reason we appreciate them for. So when it comes to Kitchen Remodeling in Walnut Creek CA, our focus is on both conversions and total remodel. The kitchen design is important at times and a nicely remodeled kitchen can tie the whole theme of the house together beautifully.

Overall, our services focus on two important key aspects; one: is customer communication, so we know which kind of work we need to do on the kitchen and two: is to remodel the kitchen exactly according to the customer needs and plan. We believe that your Kitchen Remodeling project in Walnut Creek should always be stress-free and you should always be able to get a free quote and a free consultation when you plan to remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling & Design Services

As a customer-focused Kitchen Remodeling Company, DELTA RENOVATION Remodeling aims always to be your trusted kitchen remodeling company. A company that you will be proud to let all your friends and family know that you’ve chosen to go with them because they guarantee their work and really care about how you feel during, at the end and even after your project is delivered. We’re your trustworthy Walnut Creek kitchen remodeling contractors. Serving Walnut Creek & all surrounding cities has helped us gain valuable field experiences and successful results.

Our kitchen remodeling is different and according to our customers, it’s the best. You will have to see what we can do in order to really know why we believe so, but you can read on to understand more about our values, our experiences and our guarantee.

Kitchen Remodeling Process

This is just a summary of our kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek process, which is very simple and yet very effective. We made sure it’s easy to implement and that it fits your needs and every kitchen requirements. It starts from you requesting a consultation or an estimate by filling out the form and then it ends by a beautiful new kitchen and 100% satisfied happy customer, you. It goes like that:

  1. Determine whether the customer wants Custom Kitchen Cabinets or Prefab Kitchen Cabinets.
  2. Step #1 is the most important, your kitchen remodel contractor should explain the difference in time & cost to you.
  3. Design & planning, you just imagine it & we will make it happen. We see what you want, plan together and deliver.
  4. Take apart the old kitchen and redo the overall looks of the kitchen.
  5. Replace parts of a kitchen like the kitchen flooring, tiling, the kitchen cabinets or the kitchen counter tops.
  6. We can completely model the kitchen according to the rest of your overall house’s theme or make it theme neutral and dynamic.
  7. Completely change the kitchen countertops, cupboards, wash basins, tiles etc. in the overhaul.
  8. Finalize the kitchen remodeling & work with the customer on final touches and additions if requested.
  9. Get the kitchen area ready for usage by putting the final touch-ups and cleaning the area as needed.
  10. It doesn’t stop here, continue reading to the end.


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When we change something, we hope to enhance it. If we alter our home, we hope to make it simpler. Positive change has to be in harmony, together with our future. Make your home improvement project a real improvement… a change to get better.